Racer Session: Jocelyn Beausire // Noel Kennon
8:00 PM20:00

Racer Session: Jocelyn Beausire // Noel Kennon

Deconstructing the delineation between preparation and performance - ritualized actions in privacy // performative repetitions on stage.

woman with steak dinner and radio - Jocelyn Beausire
The preparation of the body for performance by consumption of space -- both external distances and intimate internal volumes. An improvisation with self and spaces based on chance and simultaneity.

Followed by solo improvisation by Noel Kennon

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extr.action - a desert installation
2:00 PM14:00

extr.action - a desert installation

Marks made by the desert on a body (raw)
Marks made by a body on the desert (shallow)
Marks made by a history on the land (heavy)

The recontextualization of my body in the Chilean Atacama Desert, brought back to Seattle as marks and memories of an attempted reconciliation, reformation, atonement. The scratching away at myself as artifact of my familial past. 

Installation by Jocelyn Beausire, as culmination of recent residency at La Wayaka Current

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