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I am a performance artist, researcher, and designer who grew up in a town of 10,000 people and 50,000 cows in southern Wisconsin, and who transplanted to Seattle in 2013.

I have always been fascinated by the impact and creation of place, and the ways in which my and others’ relational identities are shaped by external environmental spaces, and the spaces within our bodies. I completed a double major at the University of Washington in Music (Voice Performance) and Architecture, with Interdisciplinary Honors, Magna Cum Laude in December 2017.

I view my performance work as an extension of both music and the built environment, as an temporal, emotion-based place-construction based in my body and relationship to the environment and audience. My background in music and music composition, studying under Kari Ragan and Huck Hodge, has lead me to a minimalist, process-based style, and an emphasis on live, multi-sensory performances rather than performance for documentation. My work engages the topology of being through tapping into the audience’s perceptions of my body within the space as other, self, relation, and augmenting or exaggerating that perception over the course of a single or group of performative actions. I wrangle with contextualizing and recontextualizing my body as a place of constructed and performed gender, as an artifact of my ancestors, and as a site of present action.

I have performed and collaborated with many groups, and have received recognition for my work, including: Pacific MusicWorks opera productions with Stephen Stubbs, James Darrah, Gilbert Blin and Dan Miller (2013 - 2017), University of Washington Chamber Singers choir with Dr. Geoffrey Boers (2014 - 2017), the College of Built Environments Robin M. Towne Endowed Scholarship in Acoustic Architecture (2016), the UW Library Research Award Grand Prize - Non-Thesis Division for my research into possible applications of John Cage’s theories of silence on urban planning practice (2017), a 12 Minutes Max performance with On The Boards and Base (Feb 2018), Our Carnal Hearts production with Rachel Mars and On The Boards (2018), and a La Wayaka Current residency in the Atacama Desert, Chile (2018).


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Photo at top of page courtesy of Steven Korn and his FACE Project