sit, smile - 30 minutes

stand, breathe - 30 minutes

lie, wail - 30 minutes

A woman’s plea contextualized through fragmentation.

Batti, batti, o bel Masetto, 
Beat me, dear Masetto,

La tua povera Zerlina; 
beat your poor Zerlina.

Starò qui come agnellina
I'll stand here as meek as a lamb

Le tue botte ad aspettar. 
and bear the blows you lay on me.

Lascierò straziarmi il crine, 
You can tear my hair out,

Lascierò cavarmi gli occhi, 
put out my eyes,

E le care tue manine
yet your dear hands

Lieta poi saprò baciar. 
gladly I'll kiss.

Ah, lo vedo, non hai core! 
Ah! I see you've no mind to:

Pace, pace, o vita mia, 
let's make peace, dearest love!

In contento ed allegria
In happiness and joy

Notte e dì vogliam passar, 
let's pass our days and nights.

Presenting my performance as a critique of the original aria, as gazes and silences, as red marks on the text, as the commas which marked breaths. I extract meaning from the margins.